Hey guys,
As of a few posts ago, I scrapped my by-hand blitting engine and decided to check out Starling. I’m happy to say that my little 2-map, 2-enemytype, 2-towertype demo is almost done. Tonight I was trying to finish up the map select screen, then I need to add JSON data for a second map, and I should have a tutorial up by early next week since I lose a day (thanks 4th of July) due to being social. It will be a full 2 level TD game. It will not be fun. It will not be balanced. But it will show a whole huge range of techniques and skills on how to develop a fully operational deathstar Game!

I’ve spent quite a while converting what I had into a Starling TD game engine. I’ll save more of my specific critiques for the individual blogs, but, Starling is kindof an ass sometimes. I mean, it works well when it works well… but TouchEvents can GTFO. I hate that I had to use them. They’re horribly inefficient. I used AS3 Sockets as often as I could instead of Starling (or Flash) events. There’s a ridiculous amount of OOP packed in here with a touch of inheritance and a bit of composition… just enough hierarchy, where useful, to pass a compsci 200’s class.

I possess the photoshop skills of a young walrus, so if you are a designer, feel free to scoff, point and laugh, and/or throw burritos in disgust, I have plenty of salsa. I have only the smallest amount of ego invested in the UI. When it comes to using this small little engine to make something bigger, then I’d care about the UI. But for me, photoshop is a time-suck playground. I have a great time in Photoshop, but there goes 4 hours and I made two crappy buttons… or got lost downloading brushes or fonts.

Anyways… I wanted to get the game about 95% done before blogging tutorials on it since last time I didn’t have a finished product and I ended up bouncing all over the place.



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