AS3 Why Your Bitmap Doesn’t Care About Your Input!

Over the past couple of years of doing AS3 coding, it has frustrated me to no end as to why I couldn’t create a new Bitmap object and add Mouse Event Listeners to it.  As I first got into optimizing AS3 display code, trying to shy away from MovieClips everywhere, I started using Sprites more.  As I started learning about the efficiency and pixel-level control of the Bitmap/BitmapData class, I started using those classes more and more.  And every once in a while, I would want to add Mouse Event Listeners to a Bitmap.  Every time during those every once in a while times… it never worked.


AS3 External XML Animation Scripting with TweenMax

Continuing my foray into preparing for collaborative Flash Game Developement, I’ve been thinking a lot about tools, how to set the project up to allow for a maximum variety of skill levels and skill sets to collaborate on the project while trying to keep Flash and Actionscript as much removed as possible.

In a recent post, I mentioned 3 things I had learned so far about collaborative game dev.  During one of my first “test runs” of the engine ( aka.. one of the ‘more successful failures’ ) I had realized that with a number of people working on the project, most of which have no idea what the inside of Flash looks like.  Which is great!  We all have our strengths, and because they dont know Flash, it just leaves more room for things that *I* dont know.