Tower Defense Logic Frustration – Wasted Bullets

The Problem

One of the biggest frustrations I’ve had while playing Tower Defense games over the years is… wasted bullets. The designers/developers of the game you are playing have meticulously (hopefully?) poured over tower fire/reload delay times, enemy speed/health stat charts scratched out and rewritten out several times in one of three legal pads that they keep around their house, because they never can seem to find the one they wrote in last.

Here’s the scenario. After a little proficiency with Game X, You’ve got your towers set up to where they are decimating wave after wave… just chewing through guys. And it happens so fast, you might not catch it. As this is my own particular pet peeve affliction, my stupid brain Watches for it; expects it. Take a wave of small, very-fast-moving enemies. They’re zipping right along the maze you’ve set up and the first few enemies arrive at your expertly configured, tactically sound, death field kill zone…