So after spending the past couple of months building a blitting tile & game engine, I was almost finished last night with my Part 4 – Towers code. I had checked out Starling last year and remembered watching Lee Brimlow’s Introducing the Starling Framework video. Now that I had slogged through a lot of the heavy lifting myself in my own ZFEngine, I thought I’d go back through some tutorials and check out the Starling community as it is now.

Aaaaaand that was the end of ZFEngine. It was both demoralizing and exciting to see how I could use Starling to do exactly the same things I had done by-hand, except Starling does them cross-platform, and takes advantage of GPU-acceleration. I think I’m going to leave the other tutorials up, but I will be rebooting the series from the beginning using Starling. And the posts might actually be more polished this time 🙂



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